Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How it began...: )

     Hi everyone! Just to update you on The Adventure and how it all started....Tyrone and I decided to become Skippers! We decided a little over a month ago that we want a different life and we want to start living it as soon as possible. We made the decision and here is where we are so far.

I contacted the school in South Africa and have been emailing the owner of the school pretty much weekly for a couple months now. We are taking a 3 month course for our Yacht-master Offshore certification. We will arrive in Cape Town and then take a bus to Langebaan. We will then be living on the boat for the duration of the class. After class we will try to find jobs delivering sailboats to their destinations. This is how we will get our sea time and experience. We won't be captaining right away but after getting a certain amount of experience we should be able to find a job as captain and/or first mate!

First I had my passport updated with my new last name. I had to renew it which was about $100 but it came back in just a couple of weeks. 

After that I spoke with the landlord and they agreed to let us out of our lease if we found someone to take over. That was easy! We talked to our neighbors who recommended their friends so they came and looked at it and decided they wanted it. They moved in a month later. We moved all of our stuff out and sold it all to family and friends. We also had a garage sale and sold most of our little things like shoes, clothes, decor, kitchen items and basically everything we cannot take with us! We sold a lot and still have quite a bit left over. We are planning another garage sale in a few months to try to sell the remaining items. 

So that was the biggest step so far. Now we just continue paying off all debts and save every penny for 6 months and then off we go!