Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We made history!!


Check it out!! We were mentioned a couple times in the news letter for the Romblon Yacht Club!! So cool!! Can't wait to go back :)

We are finished with the woodwork in the saloon and they are busy working on the final varnishing now. They have started in the bossmans cabin now. Turns out the wood was all rotten so they had to rip it all out and are replacing it with new wood. The painters have been chipping away at the textured roof for a couple weeks now and are almost done with the starboard hull and the saloon. We went to town and bought a shop vac so they could start cleaning up the sawdust easily. 

On a personal note...Ty just had a root canal to fix his tooth he chipped while spear fishing in the Solomon Islands   He gets his cap on Saturday!! Yay! I had a good cleaning as well and the total for everything including was about $600 which would have costed $3000 with insurance in the states....I'm really liking the Philippines more n more every week. :) I also had an eye exam...for free! Turns out I don't need glasses:) 

New wood lookin good already!

Love the new doors in my galley:)

Bossmans cabin being ripped out...:(

Gonna have them build a star in our new table
Oh and this is a lawnmower...:) haha they just tie the goat up and when the grass is eaten they move it down the fence a bit.