Sunday, March 15, 2015


We finally got to go around the rock islands!! In Palau you must purchase permits for and all that goes with that. It's quite expensive so we have been waiting for the boss to arrive to take the boat out. The boat has been in great condition some we came back from our visit home.  We had the engines checked out by a real mechanic! Not island style mechanic haha. Turns out they are both fine but we have a to replace the fuel pump in the starboard engine. 
We took a tour around the rock islands and they are beautiful!! We have done a lot of diving this week and have so many great shots!! Here are just a few and more will be added soon:)
Clear water. Coral rock bottom. Soooo pretty!!!

Lil rock corals stickin out everywhere!
Swim spot around the corner from the boat 

Rock islands
My favorite color of blue!!!! This was at German Chanel which is a top dive spot in Palau

This poor lizard was tied up inside an aquarium at a resort :(
Made some friends from TEXAS!!! Jess and Frank from Backwoods Bar and Grill in Cleveland 
Love the colors at sunset here
Lunch on Ulong Beach Inbetween dives
Our dive boat. We dived 3 sites that day. Amazing!!
The Capitol. Which has been built but vacant for a very long time but now I think people work there...
Mysterious rocks...

They don't know how they got here. The rocks aren't from this island. 

Sashimi every day!!!

Our friends The Squids play twice a week and we are happy to be groupies! Their amaZiiing. 
Made a couple bracelets for some friends