Sunday, March 25, 2018

Back in the biz

So we parted ways with Calicoba when we arrived in Antigua. It turned out that the charter company we used to work for needed crew to do a few freelance charters. A few freelance charters turned into a short term contract. We couldn’t commit to anything more than mid June so they gave us a nice 59ft fountain pajot to run for now. 

We’ve now been around the island a few times and man is it beautiful!!!! When our guests get on board we have a little snack and some cocktails waiting for them...Tyrone’s favorite is the Bahama Mama....obviously because we love our Bahamas ....and a sea breeze which is personally the one I like best! I made a homemade hummus dip with crudités :)

We anchored in Deep Bay which is just around the corner from Jolly Harbour where we sailed into....anchored here and climbed us the hill to an old fort that still stands up here. Brought the guests here for this incredible view!

My work was done and guests are happy...time for me to relax and enjoy the view at Loblolly Bay

Put out a cheese board for Captains Cocktails this evening 

We walked our guests (that’s not our he just wanted to join us for a bit) the taxi stand where they get in and go to the top of the mountain for the sunset at Shirley Heights. It’s rated one of the top 5 views in all the Caribbean! This is where we went up and watched sunset and listened to steel drums and reggae all night

Lol there’s no dumpster or anything for trash...just this post in English Harbour  haha :) 

We just got off of 2 weeks of chartering and now we are taking the boat to Guadalupe overnight to get some work done. It’s a French island and they have the authorized people allowed to work on the boats. So we will spend 4 days here getting a bunch of stuff fixed and then head back to Antigua to get ready for another 2 weeks of chartering. Above is the sunset from Foulmouth Bay. We anchored and went to shore for dinner before making the overnight jump to Guadalupe. Below is the sunrise I’ve just seen over Guadalupe! Almost there!!

It took about 13-14 hours to get here but we made it!! Going to check out some waterfalls this week!!