Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life in the boatyard

We have been here for just over a week now....and I am realizing we are going to be here for a very very long time....we have ripped out all the wood from the galley and the saloon area and they are slowly rebuilding all the trim around the bottom. They just glued the pieces on yesterday and its looking pretty good! We don't spend much time inside anymore except to go to bed...there is sawdust absolutely everywhere....no matter how many times I sweep or wipe surfaces. We have open access to the bar/restaurant upstairs so we just live up there where the breeze flows for most of the day. Chen Chen is the girl who runs the bar and she makes the best sandwiches in the Philippines! So we are very lucky :) Now that the work being done is on a professional level we kinda stay out of the way and let them do their thing. They put the bimini back on today and it looks great! But it was made way too heavy....with the top and only 7 people on the boat the back step was almost in the water. Not a good sign but they are cutting some pieces off here and there to lighten the load a bit so we will see what happens. A few more adjustments need to be made regarding the height but all in all I would say its coming along.
Nicholas our Filipino carpenter removing our wood

a work in progress...

There used to be a wood panel with lights on the top corner there

Removed all the doors and veneer 

What a mess!

It's always fun to tear stuff up :)

Our transom after the top was put on....this is with only 2 people on the boat...

You can't really tell but the back is way down and the bow is way up

The bar looks nice! The wood inside the boat will have a similar finish to it

Our spot in the corner where you can find us ever day

This is Micro...our newest resident :)

Stranded Bar and Restaurant

Our grill on the side of the bar where we make fire! I'm thinking steaks today :)