Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rain rain go away!!!

Geeeez!!! We just get our boat and now it won't stop raining! C'mon now we have stantions to wrap!!! Gloomy day but still have plenty to do inside the boat. 

We went to pick up the boat yesterday and they were just finishing up with it. The factory took it out for a test sail which only the skipper gets to go on so we had breakfast at the royal cape yacht club while we waited. Everything was good so we got to take her out and fuel her up! We have 22 30liter cans extra on the back of the boat as well. We saved about 6-8 30liter cans for extra water. 

We didn't get any sleep last night. Dunno  why maybe too excited about movin onto the boat today but I woke up around 2:30am and Ty was still up reading. I tossed n turned and listen to the rain start around 5am. Then the dripping started on our head. Oh the joys of no more leaky hatches!!!! So we got a few hours of sleep at the most and then met Kenneth at the boat around 8:30. We wrapped all the cushions inside with this protective material, covered the table n counters w this foam padding, put bubble wrap on bottom of all cabinets and lockers we are gonna use. I put Vaseline on everything silver that is not in the rain...every single screw light cover and anything stainless steel basically. This protects it from the salt water and keeps screws from rusting. We have buckets in the sink and foil taped down around the oven. ;) protection from all the elements including my cookin!!! Haha

We took a break for lunch n coffee and went back to the Howard Davis and gave it a real nice clean and scrub down, grabbed our bags and are now on the new leopard cat!!! We bought some sheets and pillows for the trip. First time using real pillows in 6 months! Lol we have been usin our Lil horseshoe travel pillows. 

Now signing paperwork...loads an loads of paperwork.....

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