Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gettin it done!

Our port engine blew up on us on the way here to add to the list...and I caught a fire to the stove that morning too...:)... So we were in some swell that was coming beam on and it rocked the plastic lighter into the flame as we were heating up the water for the coffee. It caught fire but was easily put out before it melted thru to the butane. Then about 20 min later the engine got really high pitched and the light came on to say it was over heating so we shut it off after a few attempts...the kill switch did not want to cooperate! I went down and made sure there was no fire by lookin thru the little hole and feeling the cover. When I lifted the cover tho all this black smoke came out...yuk!!!! We opened all the hatches despite the sea spray but the smell omg the smell!...

Our impeller which brings the water in to cool the engine quit working so it heated and melted the exhaust. Turns out it's an easy fix!! We bought a new impeller and exhaust system and Ty replaced it all in a days work. And he replaces one of the belts that didn't look like it was fitting quite right. 

He also fixed the starboard fresh water pump by adjusting a few things and now it works like new. 

The he noticed the battery monitor light wasn't showing what our batteries were at...which is Not ok at all...he found a corroded fuse and replaced it and viola!

I....watched movies and cuddled with my warm blanket all day...and made dinner...:) there's only room for one in that cabin with the engine compartment all open n stuff...i knew the cold would get me sooner or later..coming down with something so I'm takin some meds that boss man left on the boat. Hope it works! 

Our genoa will be ready by Monday. They said it's an easy repair and will only be $320 NZ!!! 

The best news of all tho is we found a Mexican restaurant in mt maunganui that has decent me food aaaaand XX!!!!!!! I have looked for Dos Equis in every country I've been in and all they have is Corona yay!!!!

Going on a road trip tomorrow with some other yachtie friends to see some giesers in Roturoa which is just south of here. 

CONGRATS!!!! To our very good friends Brook and Pierre for having the cutest baby boy born in 2014!!!!! We love u guys and can't wait to meet the little man!!!:)

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