Sunday, March 2, 2014

We're ready!!

Since we've sanded the bottom of the boat I've also scraped off every barnacle from the hills (there were thousands! They polkadotted the bottoms!) scraped off all those which took 2 days then buffed the boat with the neighbors buffer which took a full day. We painted the hulls with 3 coats of anti fouling yesterday. While I was scraping and buffing Ty was installing our new chart plotter! We got a nice new system with a fish finder and everything! We installed the new piece of wood for the outboard motor and mounted it back on. We didn't get a chance to finish the varnishing so we are going to do that when we get back to Tauranga and Alec leaves since it's gonna take about a week to do that. We were supposed to go back in the water today but there was a mix up in the scheduling so we are going in first thing tomorrow morning and we will have to sail to aukland and pull in at night. We have been there before so we know where we are going and it Should be pretty easy. Guess we just have one more day to make sure the boat is spotless and perfect for Alec and Ni's arrival!!! Super stoked about their visit and the road trip to the South Island!:)
Lil bit of jumpin rope
Our neighbor showing me how to use the buffer. You can see the corner where it is a huge difference from the rest!
All suited up to start painting. We did 3 coats from 10am to 10pm
Finished product! She looks good huh!?!? Guess you can't really tell from here but trust me she looks awesome. It's very rewarding to see the improvements as you work so hard. 

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