Monday, December 8, 2014

Beginning our travels home

The boss has been with us for about 2 weeks now so we have been busy busy busy. We had an awesome time in Papua New Guinea! We got our new batteries. We got our starboard engine fixed and it's almost running like a champ now. The main bearing needs to be replaced but that's about it. Maybe a new alternator since it's not charging the batteries anymore... But we will sort all that out in Palau. We just sent the boss to a hotel for tonight, picked up the hook and now we are off! This passage can take anywhere from 9-15 days depending one wind and mainly swell and current. We have a route for the path of least resistance so we will do our best to keep on that track and get there in 9-10 days. PNG was amazing and we really wish we could stay longer. We found this perfect little surf camp that we seriously could have lived at for months!  We heard so many bad things about PNG but I'm glad it didn't deter us from going. The people are wonderful and the villages very welcoming. We never had a break in or robbery as many other boats have had. But we kept everything locked inside and all hatches and doors locked at night so we took precautions and we were fine! The coming typhoons shouldn't effect us so much and we have Bob McDavitt the weather guru guiding us and keeping in touch every couple days with the sat phone so no worries :) see you in 2 weeks!! 

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