Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ciao Palau

We left Palau yesterday....sadly and with heavy hearts...Palau is one of those awesome places that will never be forgotten. We made so many wonderful friends there and every person we met seemed so genuinely happy. And the happiness is contagious! Until you have to leave....:( The island is beautiful and all the rock islands surrounding are gorgeous. We had diving experiences that we've never had before and I'm not sure we will have again. Driving around the island and visiting the waterfall... It was truly an amazing place with the most amazing people. So it breaks my heart to say goodbye but we must be on our way to the next chapter in our journey. 

The wind has been favorable but the swell is a bit confused and actually really annoying at the moment. We are heading north of our entry waypoint at the Philippines border because the current will be pushing us south when we get there. We have to time it just right in order to enter the islands on an incoming tide. 

We watched The Squids 2-3 times a week they are awesome!

Perfect day sailing and anchored around the corner from the yacht club. Love this water!

Hike to the waterfall

This bird made me laugh. Poor guy was having a bad day lol

Our new friends from Texas!!

Picnic on the beach between dives

We made it!!! Took 4 days and we have just the right timing! We came in just as daylight was breaking and the tide was turning to carry us in. It's a well known passage and the timing must be prefect or you will have to anchor somewhere and wait for the tide to change in your favor so it's no joke. We had perfect timing!! 
It really sucked to leave Palau but there's a real sense of freedom and anticipation that comes with entering a new countries waters. Fear. Excitement. Wonder. Oh yeah and all the work we have to do here haha. Bossman wants to get all the wood inside the boat replaced and the interior repainted. He also wants to build a new roof for the cockpit complete with outdoor lights and with dimmers :) we also need the starboard engine fixed. It's leaking fuel into the oil...bummer. Lots of big jobs to do starting this week and we have about a month to get them all done. 

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