Thursday, July 23, 2015

Island of Marble

We stayed a few days and did the tourist thing around the island while on Romblon. We hired a tryke for a few hours to take us to the beach, to have lunch and then to see all the marble carvings. 

This view from our new friend Hanks house up on the hill. He had us over for dinner one night and it felt like Thanksgiving Dinner it was soooo amazing!! 
One of the white sandy beaches not too far from town

Marble pillars that they use to build staircases and balconies 
The church bell tower that was built in 1640!
Street view 
All marble carvings are made here. Chiseled and polished by hand. They are normally made to order but so many people never come back for them or have no way of getting them from this island to their homes. 

We visited the Catholic Church 
Staircase built with those pillars from the photo above
A close up of the bell tower built in 1640. 

It looks like Gary might be there for a while so we decided to start making our way back to our boat to make sure work is progressing. We took a ferry to the next island over where we jumped on a jeepnee bus for about an hour the. Got on the big proper ferry to Boracay. Yes we are back in beautiful Boracay!!! Going to stay for the weekend and fly back to Cebu Monday...or Tuesday..;) we'll see. 

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