Thursday, September 3, 2015

Killin time

The woodwork is complete now. The varnishing and everything is finished! Now we just have painters working on the boat and they are almost done with the aft cabins. We are anxious to move back on the boat and get this show on the road again! In the meantime we head to other islands close by that are cheap and have nice beaches. :)
One of our local spots we like to eat every now and then. We chill in these little huts. 
Car seat? We don't need no stinking car seat!
New nav desk

We had our African Star logo etched into our dining table. Turned out so nice!

New shelving in cabins
Varnish looks great!
Back when we helped our friend sail his boat to Romblon
The beach in the Comotes where we spent last weekend. This place was great! We stayed in a little backpacker kind of place right on the beach. We stayed up late with the guys who live there, played the guitar and sang and played the bongos on the beach all night. It was pretty awesome. :) 

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