Monday, November 19, 2018

Willie T

Oh how I love the famous Willie T’s bar!! Such a fun atmosphere for either just a lunch stop or overnight if our guests are more into the night life scene. The Willie T’s is famous in the BVI for having a second story with a platform that you jump off of! It’s sort of a right of passage to jump from the Willie T (topless)🤭 well that was back in the day. I guess it’s not like that anymore. A long time ago they used to give T-shirt’s or something if you jumped topless. It’s not encouraged anymore but it’s just what you do! Jump from the top, take a shotski.....maybe not in that order....for those who don’t know a shotski is an old wooden ski with 4 holes for shot glasses...u and your friends line up in a row and take it at the same time...10 years ago on our honeymoon we jumped from the top (fully covered) and just did it again on Halloween at night. It was like jumping into an abyss!! It was so dark!! But I did it knees shaking and all 😂. A little bit of liquid courage may or may not have been involved. 

So we are here again today for the jump with a nice family. The 3 boys had no trouble or hesitation jumping in after I served them a nice lunch. We moved a bit further away from all the noise and traffic to a different part of the Anchorage after that and the guys are spending the day fishing while I prep dinner and dessert for this evening. It’s nice that it’s a different experience every time we come here. You never know what the guests are going to want to do. Today it’s fishing and kayaking ğŸ˜Ž

This would be Great Harbor in Peter Island 🌴 the pelicans are dive bombing the shore line where all the little fish hang out by the rocks

Got a bit of good news just now though!!! So we swapped boats before charter because our engine was being replaced on Roxanne (the powercat we are running until the permanent crew arrives) and we were told that Roxanne would be delivered to us midcharter...,haven’t heard much about the progress but a friend of ours just let me know he saw her moving from the boat yard back to the dock! I’m hoping that’s a good thing!!!😬 

I’ve also started a new blog project called Tales from the Galley.... It’s going to be more about what I do these days in the galley...tricks for cooking for so many...easy recipes that are still a big hit...stuff like that... my key lime pie is starting to smell too good. Crap. That usually means it’s about to burn!! Byeee

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