Sunday, August 31, 2014

Still in Vila...

Our port engine got taken out last week and taken to certified Yanmar shop for a cracked piston. So we have kinda been stuck here on the mooring in Vila since we got back into town from pops visit. We should be getting it back later today or tomorrow according to the mechanic and then we are off to make our way toward the Solomon Islands. We will be taking our time and stopping in some of the northern most islands of Vanuatu called the Banks and Torres islands. The snorkeling and diving is supposed to be so pretty there so I cant wait to go! And endless coconut crab from what I hear :) We've just been hanging out and doing small odd jobs around the boat to pass the time....oh and dinghy surfing .... and halyard catapulting :)

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  1. Hello Jessica and Tyrone,

    Congratulations on your nice Blog!

    We entered New Caledonia together I think it was on the 18th of august and we remember you taking some pictures of us between Ilot Ouen and Nouméa. We are a steel schooner with wooden masts under full sail. Is there any chance you are still hanging on to these pictures and is there any chance we could have a copy to use on our blog? We would be very thankful!

    Hoping you have managed to fix your piston ok and you are having favourable winds,


    Carolina and Simon Goodall
    S/V Kyrimba