Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sailors again!!

We are finally sailing again!! So our permanent boat finally came in about 2 weeks ago. It was brought over on a container ship and took a couple days to clear customs. We’ve been running around like crazy getting her ready for charter. It’s a lot of work unpacking all the furnishings and supplies and taking the tape and plastic of every little thing. I was working alone for the first few days. Tyrone got called out on charter for 5 days leaving me to do all the initial u wrapping. There was another captain with a medical emergency so he needed to fill in last minute. We got her up and running tho and she sails great!! It’s a brand new Leopard 5000 which is a 50ft sailing catamaran naked Old Marblehead 😁 

We have a little cafe area or a breakfast nook! 

How it started... 

And the finished product....

There’s an insane amount of storage underneath all the floorboard in the galley and saloon and even the cabins! All much needed space but not all easy to get to.... currently under sail heading to The Baths today. ☺️ 

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