Friday, December 14, 2018

This is my life

Sometimes I get to thinking like man I’m so exhausted or I can’t wait for this charter to end so I can sleep....and then I get a moment of clarity! I get to sail and cook everyday on an awesome new boat and enjoy a different place every day! So 4 of our guests left the boat after 7 days and we have 2 still here for a few remaining days. It’s been so nice sailing with them as they are avid sailors and have owned a few boats in their time. Super chill and easy going.....

I was on my way to the market to provision for the final days and saw this cute little puffed fish by the dock. He was chasing a shrimp!!

And this cutie pie was chasing a lizard 🦎 

This is the path from the dock straight to the airport. I walked up and grabbed the first taxi I could find. 

I felt a little lonely in this big bus all by myself. I also felt like a jerk because I hired him to take me there and when u do that, they don’t stop for other people on the way. We passed a few moms toting babies and big old man who looked like he could get off his feet....all this room and still couldn’t stop.... 

We picked up a few toys for the boat. The wooden one with the numbers is called shut the box and is over 700 years old and I love playing but can’t seem to find anyone to play with :(

Another beautiful sunset....and sundowners!

Yep this is my life! :) worked hard enough to get here now really enjoying my time...☺️

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