Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aaaaand we wait...

So Ty passed his eye test and got his ENG1 all sorted. Yay! Everything is official now. ;) we went to Tui marine and spoke with them about getting a delivery. Basically we just have to wait until the new list of deliveries comes out and they speak to the captains to see who needs what crew. Most of them are going to the Caribbean so it looks like we may end up going there or to ft lauderdale. If we do that we are hoping to jump on another delivery to the med then maybe fly back here to Cape Town for another delivery. In a perfect world right? But we will see what happens. Tomorrow we should find out if they have anything for us. Keepin our fingers crossed. I really hate just hangin out and waiting...we miss being out on the water.

Well we went out the other night with some friends for their going away party. They just left for Australia yesterday. So jealous!!!! Anyway we were out and someone swiped Ty's phone!!! Crazy!!! Gone. Just like that!!! Not happy about that at all. We had to go get him a new phone and new number and he isn't available through talkatone anymore. He still had what's app so if you are reading this and would like to contact him you will need to download what's app to your phone and his new number is +27 (078) 622-7477. And of course you can still call me through talkatone or viber if you wanna speak to him...or me! ;) his new phone had email, Facebook and what's app but that's about the extent of his social network now. Lol.

I think we are going to be tourist for a little while until we get a delivery. Maybe take a trip up the mountain and do the gondola tour or something. We hear its beautiful and I'm sure it is. I still can't get over the view!!! The mountain is so beautiful!!!

We were offered a job to help crew on a tourist charter boat. One that does sunset cruises and little charters like that. We were supposed to go today but the weather turned on us and they cancelled. :(. We were excited to get out and sail again and get more experience on another boat but they have our number for the future so no worries.

I have been bad lately about taking pics so sorry. Just not a lot going on at the moment but I will fix this starting today!

We may be switching backpackers tomorrow. Going to try to find one closer to the waterfront. Maybe even get our own private room who knows!! Haha

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