Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fire fighting

We finished our firefighting course this week! We had a three day class and we learned about fires, extinguishers and all sorts of fire fighting stuff. We got dressed in the full thermal suit and oxygen mask and learned how to work the o2 tank. They have these cargo containers and they set a few fires in them and they have us go in full suit with a water hose and put them out. We went in a team of six people and Ty and I put out the first fire by shooting short bursts of water into it and then fully spraying till it was out. It was sooooo hot in that container. The last day we had to crawl thru a container filled with foam! It was fun but I totally inhaled bubbles...

There is a boat show in Cape Town this weekend so we came down to the marina and we were able to help crew a 58 ft leapard catamaran!! This boat is massive and it is out first cat to get in and sail so we offered to help out Saturday and Sunday for a two hr sail.

We r staying with a friend at the moment and we move to a backpackers on Monday since he is taking off to Australia on a delivery. We are going up to the Tui marine office tomorrow to see about getting a delivery since we are completely finished with everything now. Wish us luck!

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