Monday, April 29, 2013

We have a job!

So we got a text from a skipper with Tui this morning at about 8:30 asking to meet for coffee so we jumped up n got ready quickly. He wanted to introduce us to a captain that owns a charter boat here in the V & A Waterfront that takes people on day cruises and sunset cruises and stuff like that! We start on Wednesday at 10:30!!! We will be crewing and helping out with the charters and general boat maintenance which is awesome! It's great experience because its an older boat originally used in Navy training. The captain said we could also stay there for free if we like!! I think we will move there on Thursday which is great cuz we will be there on the water and in waterfront right by the Tui marine office!! That was great news this morning!

He also wanted to know if we would be interested in being standby crew for the delivery he is doing mid May!! There may or may not be complications with the current crew getting their B1/B2 visas and if they get denied he wants US!!!! It's a delivery going to Ft Laudedale and stopping in Caribbean along the way. It would be awesome to sail with him! I feel like we could learn so much in a short period of time and one of us would be first mate!!(ahem!) Ty and I will Rock Paper Scissors for it cuz we can't agree on who it's gonna be if we do get to go. Lol.

We also stopped by the Tui office but Louis was out or the day and Nicky said the next group of deliveries won't be out for about a month or so. All the deliveries just left and all the captains are out right now so we wait some more. But at least we have something to do in the meantime and we don't have to just wait around ya know?

So today was a great day!!! Last night we met up with an old classmate and she took us to see some bands play in Kalk Bay at the Brass Bell. That was awesome!!! New fav band!! Gonna have to download their stuff and put it up here. So we got to see another side of Cape Town and it was beautiful!!! The view on the way there, the view of the Harbor and the surf spot look amazing and soooo gorgeous! We drive thru this one area that reminded me of a cross between rice village and river oaks so it was really pretty. We stopped at a natural spring where people bring their empty bottles and fill them up with natural sprig water! I've never seen anything like that before and the area was beautiful! I think we will see the mountain and do the tourist thing tomorrow. Well now we know we have plenty of time to see everything and maybe even take a few surfing lessons!:)

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