Friday, November 8, 2013


Fiji is awesome!!! Well at first it was rainy n not so great but then we moved to the west coast in Nadi and it's always sunny and pretty here so it's great! There are all kinds of boat shops here and if we had known what was available to us here we NEVER woulda stopped in American Samoa!! U can get so much work done here its crazy!!! It's a one stop shop for allllll boat needs! We went around yesterday and today and just like that BOOM! We are getting our steering wheel fixed and welded tomorrow morning...and we have a quote on all the cushions we need replaced...welding for the spinnaker at the top of the mast...dock lines that are way overdue....and I got a cute bikini cover up;) and new polarized sunglasses. ;P Greg and Chantel are finally here and we are soooo excited to see a familiar face and have great company onboard!! 

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