Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Just hangin around. We are still in the same spot on the dock as when Greg left. Found a couple guys to remake all our cushion covers, shades and make an awning for the trampoline. We are waiting to here back from another marina to see if they can haul is out so the mechanic here can work on our sail drive. Doesn't look good tho. Wind witch made it in last night so we have been showing them around all day helping them get set up. Confirmed our surf lessons for tomorrow and going to try out some different boards that they have. We will most likely buy one from them so hope we catch on quick!! Tyrone just replaced the switch for the wind generator and it looks like it's working much better now and giving us more power. The wind has kicked up so it's been pretty loud for the past couple days. Plus this big 60ft cat came in yesterday and the wind that whistles thru their rigging sounds like a tea kettle...kettle that never shuts off...:-/ Ty just informed me that our door mat has flown the coop...:-( 

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