Sunday, May 4, 2014


We went to town with our neighbor for a drink the other night. One of our last nights here so we figured we go to town for a few sundowner beers. The ride in his tender was quite wet on the way up to Pahia but we made it in 10 minutes or so with soggy bottoms:) we were having the last drink of the evening and it was just after dark when this fishing boat pulled into the rastaurant dock which also turned out to be the weigh station for huge fish! The pulled out a massive marlin that was 122 kilos!!! This beast was huge! Check it out...
It was the coolest thing we saw all day. Photos aren't that great but you can still see how big it. We've never seen one that big up close so it was pretty cool! 

Been busy makin some wraps lately since I had some extra time while we wait for our weather window to leave...
And I have a new favorite super easy 10 minutes or less recipe for when I'm too lazy to cook! Delicious and super easy!! Chickpeas w tomatoe basil feta and spinach cooked w garlic n lemon juice! Yummmmm

Today we are gonna settle our bill at the marine store, borrow Bobs car to go to town to get groceries and talk to customs about checking out tomorrow and getting our duty free fuel. :)

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