Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Cal

So bossmans trip was not the best rained every day and it was super windy so not really enjoyable on a boat but we did have wine!! Lots of wine to make it better:) it's actually been nice since he left so we have been moored at this little island...snorkeling n stuff...we came back to the mainland for provisions and free wifi!
We did drive around a lot to see all the land based stuff like this waterfall that Appearently u cannot miss while you're was pretty small though in my opinion cal is very pretty with all the beaches and the reefs to snorkel. There's not much hiking to do but you can rent a car and drive through the mountainish areas. They are very green but nothing compared to New Zealand :) the water is super clear when the wind stops howling. Ty went scuba diving and saw a marbled grouper that was at least 6ft long and massively round n huge with a big mouth. It's a marine reserve at that island so we can spear the big trevally that hang out under the boat and trade us. 
Here is the massive $800 reel that the boss brought with him...Ty put it together and put it out while we were sailing one day but we haven't caught anything yet...
The lake seems to be drying out... The land is a red clay everywhere wich is pretty:)
Hard at work...:) it took us a few tries but we found a good place for the hammock. 
The lil island that we moor at for free! There's a good size reef to snorkel just in front of the over water huts. The island is full of fowl running all over .... Oh and snakes! Some of the deadliest in the world but they don't bite...or when they do they don't release the venom unless they are attacking their dinner. Or so we've been told....
My vegetarian dinner....salad n honey glazed carrots! What has my life come to???.....
Not much else going on at the moment. Just waiting for the new genoa to be shipped here and the new starter for the starboard motor. It's starting to go out.  
God bless the French and their cheese!!!!! Je voudre formage ce vous plai (ok minus the spelling) merci!!! 

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