Thursday, May 1, 2014

A day at the beach

We installed this new awesome chart plotter and fish finder when we were hauled out in February. It was awesome for about 3 hours then the depth went out and the fish finder quit working. There are 2 parts- the unit which is the screen installed in the helm area and the transducer which is installed in the bottom of the boat that shoots sonar down to find fish and give us depth and all that fun stuff. We called the manufacturer and they aske us to send in the unit and replace it with a new one. Ok so we did that and it worked again for about 3 hours before it went out again. We switched it out with yet another unit but did not connect it to the transducer because what they were thinking was that they transducer was faulty and was frying the sound board In the units. So we went to the beach to dry out as we could pop out the old transducer and replace with a brand new one an then connect that so we gave a new transducer and a new unit to start fresh. It's all working perfect now so keeping our fingers crossed that it continues to work forever and ever...
We showed up at 8:30am and the tide went out and left us dry:) it came back in around 9pm tho so it was pitch black when we left the beach to come back to the dock. It was ok tho we had a flashlight lol :)
Our carpet looks friggin awesome!!!
It's gonna look so nice w the cushions and everything out and set up. Just wanna get some outdoor throw pillows n it'll be perfect. 
It's getting colder n colder here. I'm currently wrapped in blankets and here's Ty hahaha
Gloves. Hoodie. Socks n all...

Oh when we were dried out we also replaced a through hull fitting that cracked and was leaking. Thankfully we found it just before we beached her and we were able to replace it no problem. It connects to the hose that allows for salt water to come in to flush the toilet so yeah it's pretty important! 

Today the plan is to put the genoa back on. Mix up some epifill and fill some cracks n holes n other random things that need to be filled around the boat. All the major work is done pretty much so we'll just be finishing random small odd jobs till we leave on Tuesday. Sposed to be awesome weather for us!! Trip is lookin good and we can't wait to be on the open ocean again!! 

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