Wednesday, July 16, 2014

PADI divers!

We ended up getting our PADI open water diving certification while we were waiting for the boss to arrive. It was awesome!! The water here is so clear and we were able to squeeze it into a 2 day course and pass to get certified before boss gets here. Now we can dive with him everywhere!! It was an amazing experience and we loved it!!! The first day we practiced skills in shallow water like taking of masks and using each other's breathing apparatuses....taking of all the gear and putting it back on. Then we went out to a 12 meter sandy bottom with coral and we practiced out there under water and dove the reef over there. Yesterday we did 3 dives. 2 in the am around a couple of cool reefs. One was a reef wall where waves were crashing on top of the water but down below you just get pushed an pulled by this little surge just barely tugging at ya. The second one was 2 big coral heads you could swim through and around. There we saw this really cool crocodile fish that blended a little too well into the rocks....Ty almost put his hand on to steady himself while looking at a spiny worm like thing....when we were on the bottom I managed to hit my knee on a giant sea cucumber and it squirted all this white sticky stringy stuff at me!!! Yes everyone laughed at me because I found an underwater lover LOL!!! Anyway it took a while to get it off my wetsuit but it's clean now:) 

We took the final exams and passed and went for a 3rd dive on a wreck!!! It was the deepest dive we can do at 18 meters down. It was a little intense I thought just because you don't see anything until you descend and then this ship mast covered in coral comes into view! Then we went around the ship and checked everything out and it was a little murky I think with the tide change so visibility wasn't that great but the ship was awesome to see. Then ascended and did one more exercise using a compass and bearing and then she said we passed!!!!!! Celebrated with some tea and cake!
Our Australian friend and fellow diver Iseta jumping in. 
She was on another cat in New Caledonia...that's where we met...and once they arrived to Vanuatu she decided to stick around and get her dive masters!!  Dive masters is a long course kinda like how we got our yachtmasters. It's kind of a big deal;)

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