Sunday, July 13, 2014

World Arc 2014

They're heeeerrre...:) bunch of sailboats pulled in yesterday and today. The arc is a bunch of boats that sail around the world together and right now they are here in Vanuatu. It's a very fast paced world tour that only spends a few days in each place but they hit up all the best places and it's like sailing with a huge family. Everyone knows everyone and they all hang out together. I think it would be so fun to sail with a huge group!! 
One of our happy hours at the brewery. They have the best pizza! 
They pulled in a backed up just in front of our table at dinner tonight. 
Another one here at the waterfront bar
All these boats just got here. This dock was empty just a couple days ago. 

This is what a typical yacht club looks like in case you're wondering. The bar is quite packed but still too early for dinner. So we've just been wrapping up last minute boat projects before bossman gets here. Fixing leaks and cleanin bilges n such...we had a few beers explode on us this batch...tragic...just hangin. Making friends. Exploring. Getting excited about visits!!!

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