Friday, July 4, 2014

Passage from New Caledonia to Vanuatu

We checked out of new cal yesterday after picking up our starter and filled all the tanks. We traveled east for about 7 hours motoring the whole way with 0 wind. That's a good thing btw because the trades are usually pumpin at about 20kts on the nose... We had a minor setback and left about an hour later than planned which put us at the anchorage in pitch black night mode...good thing new cal has reliable charts! We anchored overnight at out jump off point which is just around the point to head north to Vanuatu. The anchorage itself was awesome! There was so much bioluminescence it was unreal! Motoring back to set the anchor the chain lit up neon green in the water and the prop wash from going in reverse lit up the bottom of the boat like Christmas! After we settled you could stand on the back of the boat and look in to see the green dots glowing 3 feet down. Ty said it seemed like the boat was floating...(above water lol) turned out to be a really pretty spot with tall sides in red clay and green trees...
Sunset the night before
How's this for a new concept haha
On the right is our new sail and the left is our old genoa. We rigged it up to help us fly downwind when wind is too strong for spinnaker:) 
The wind had been all over and up and down so we are now just flying the genoa and the swell is pushing us right along. We should be in port Vila before noon on Thursday. Btw seasickness and malaria pills DO NOT work well together!!!:(

So we made it in to Vanuatu a couple days ago and it feels sooo good to be back in the island life. Away from big city civilization. We have roosters crowing again and the people here are soooo nice...very similar to tonga I think. We went to go pay immigration and found these people trading chickens out of a box! Live chickens
This guy was walking around with a lizard and he let me hold it
Then he told me he charges 5 bucks for pics.....I gave him $1..... Get a bigger lizard buddy!

There was a big cruise ship that pulled up the day we got here so the streets were packed and crazy. We went to pay customs and got a close up of the ship from the dinghy
If you like burgers n fries you are in luck here because that's the cheapest thing on the menu and probably the best too. It's one of the best burgers he's ever had! 
Aaaand we treated ourselves to a few Tuskers for working so hard to get here
Our anchorage in port Vila. Off to the market today to see what produce they have....

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  1. I remember that the beef we got in Port Vila was SO GOOD. I guess there's a lot of local grass-feed stock? Anyway... mmmm, burgers + beer = excellent passage reward!