Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentines Day!! My honey just went to the grocery store to restock our supplies with the boys and brought me back a rose! Very unexpected on a 2 week distance trip. J So it is day 4 and we are docked in Gordons Bay at the moment.  We left on Monday afternoon after we cleaned Star Spirit and went grocery shopping. We take 3 hour shifts and we have 2 person teams. My partner is JJ and Ty has Brian (the Irishman as we call him)….First night was fun! We had a fire in the galley, a leaky hatch in our cabin over our bed, and I think I got one hour of sleep due to the fact that we were on a crappy tack where I felt like I was sleeping in a bouncy house lol….It sounds worse than it really was. We have been having a blast. Our hatch was leaky because it was sealed improperly last time it was fixed but I was able to sleep around it and got about an hour of sleep while lying there for 6 hours after my first watch. Surprisingly I was really refreshed and ready for my next watch. I think it is the adrenaline of sailing at night with only lights and plotting charts to know where you are. It was a little scary for the first 5 minutes but then it was fun! Splashing through the waves feels more intense than it really is im sure. Felt like an episode of Deadliest Catch over here! Ahahaha…. Tuesday I watched the sun come up on my watch on the way into Table Bay in Cape Town. The wind was not in our favor so it took a while to get there but we made it. We did not have any wind after we docked so we stayed Tuesday and left Wednesday around noon. Ty and I were able to go into town and pick up some foul weather gear before we left!!!! Came In very handy last night. JJ and I had watch at 0130 and it was hectic! So glad we got our gear in time because it works and it was worth every penny to stay dry and warm. I did not sleep at all last night since I was off watch kind of early. I have been reading the rest of The Twelve by Justin Cronin and I cant put it down! When ty got off his watch 3 hours later we watched 2 episodes of Breaking Bad and then I was going to try to get an hour nap in but the hatch started to leak again with the big swells we ran into. I said screw it and just got up, put on my new gear and tested it out. JJ and I took over from 130 to 430 and then Ty and Brian brought us into Gordons Bay. I swear they have the most beautiful marinas here! There is always a gorgeous mountain in the background. We cleaned the boat and got some more groceries this morning and when the wind picks up and the tide rises a little we will take off and go back up north past Mykonos up further north and then turn around and come back to Mykonos. We should have about 500 miles after that. We are about to go on 8 hour watches now…eek…

Star Spirit

From Dockside in Mykonos

My choos

Chester the Donkey! lol

Star Spirits bow

Last meal at Mykonos before departure

Ty at Mykonos

Lets DO this!

Beach Bar

Bridge w robot made out of Coke cartons Cape Town

Wandering around waterfront

Beautiful sunset


Ty at the helm

Me in my foulies at the helm

Another pretty sunset

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