Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We are officially day skippers! We spent every day this past week on the water which was great after 2 weeks without!!! We sailed to Saldanha again and docked there. We learned how to do a Mediterranean mooring and we stayed the night there. We braaied again but I was so exhausted just had to go to bed. Tacking, gybing, man overboards and getting stuck on a sandbank and how to get off. Exhausting! But it was a lot of fun and we switched roles after every tack so everyone took turns winching and puling lines and on the tiller. It was crazy, hectic and fun! We even tried a night sail to practice man overboards at night but there was absolutely no wind. We also learned how to pick up a mooring buoy and how to slow down by slooing the boat. You basically turn it from side to side and the keel slows it down. So we can now take a boat out during the day on our own J Next is the coastal course so we will be in the classroom for another week and then out to sea for like 2 weeks or  something crazy like that. I cant wait for our distance trip!

We went to the mall with Rudi today and got some more necessary stuff like thermal wear and another towel. It was hard not to go crazy and buy clothes and jewelry!!! We had lunch at this place in the mall called Spurs. I had a cheesy quesadilla and nachos!!! First Mexican food I have had here! Their corn chips taste funny but overall it was pretty good.

 I think we will be moving to the flat tomorrow since we will be in classroom all week and they have a comp crew course to teach Amulet, our boat.

Tyrone broke his phone somehow so now it wont turn on. He is sorting that out tomorrow but I think he is going a little crazy without a phone. 

Here is where we got stuck on the sand bank and had to use all our weight on one side of the boat to try to get off of it. It took about 45 minutes but we made it off!

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