Friday, February 22, 2013


I think it is Sunday yes Sunday so we have been out since last Monday and it has been so awesome! On tyrones watch one night he saw a bunch of dolphins coming to swim on our bow. The water has like phosphorescence or something so it turns green and glows as they swim through it. It was really cold that night and I was already in bed so I didn’t get up but I could hear them in the bow!!! It was so cool! It is not what I thought it would be like it was more of just a high pitch noise. Today I did see a bunch of dolphins swimming with us. It is about 5:30 and I just finished my watch. It was really cool to see a couple of them actually jump and flip out of the water next to the boat! We see a bunch of seals every day and a few penguins here and there. OOH! I did see a couple more whales too! Mostly just tail fins coming out of the water but Scott and Christo actually saw one breach and jump out of the water the other day! It was really early like just before sunrise and right before my shift so I didn’t see them. They are cool to see but you have to be careful because they get curious and sometimes get too close to the boat. Rudi said he has had about 4 whales hit his boat before so he gets a little nervous. I think we made it about 50 nautical miles offshore before we tacked and headed back to land. It was so nice not being able to see land anymore! I had a moment while we were out there too and realized this was exactly where I wanted to be almost a year ago. When we decided to come and do this it was just how I imagined it would be. We had the speakers out and my ipod playing, it was a gorgeous sunny day and not too hot, no land in sight and swells just big enough to be exciting. It made me think about my old job actually and where I was just a year ago. I am so glad to be out of that office and I so appreciate this more and more every day.

I think the funniest moment we have had so far is when JJ fell out of the bed and landed on the floor because we were heeled over so much!! LOLLLLL….it was kind of my fault actually so I feel a little bad. It was pretty hectic in my bunk up in the bow so I went to his bunk in the stern to read and ended up passing out. He didn’t want to wake me and just jumped into the saloon bench on the couch basically. He had just fallen asleep and then BOOM lol he rolled right off of it!!! His face when he jumped up was classic omg too funny. We had to get up and get on watch anyway.

The worst part of this whole thing is dish duty lol. I think it should be on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. Tyrone and the Irishman cook for us every day so we take turns doing dishes every day. JJ and I had to do dishes the day they made shepherd’s pie. Dinner was great but the dishes… Blah they were disgusting and we had to do it at like 10:30 at night after our watch which was really cold that night. I had to strap into the bar in the galley so I didn’t slide into the navigation station. I think we should just get a net and drag dirty dishes behind the boat and then clean them up. That would be much better. I must say though we have had some really good meals every day like chicken and cous cous, the shepheards pie, spaghetti, mac and cheese…we even made pop corn last night.

We are about 3-4 hours away from Mykonos right now and we are staying the night there and heading out again tomorrow for another week. I almost got sea sick the first day on but took some medicine and haven’t felt it since then. It was Monday when we first head out so thankfully that went away.
I finished The Twelve and it was really good!!! It takes me a while to finish a book but its because I will read for a little bit and then I always pass out lol. 

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  1. Hello!!! I wondered when I would see a post again. I figured you all where just out of reach on the great blue. I sure enjoy reading all that you write Jessica. I don't know if you have received any other notes I tried to send. Today I just figured out this place to send you a note. Hope it works.

    A dream come true - there in nothing like it.
    So happy for you guys.