Thursday, February 7, 2013


We passed our VHF class! yay! We are officially certified to use the VHF radio on the boats now.  We are staying in the flat now and it is so claustrophobic in there. I think Sara needs to come here and paint some murals on the walls or something. That would at least make it bearable to stare at the wall since the tv does not work. I am glad it does not work actually. I do not miss watching tv at all. I do however need to start studying for the exam on Saturday. It is supposed to be a 5-6 hour exam! Christo is trying to throw me off by talking to me much for train of thought!! LOL anyway, I just found out that we are not doing our power boat 2 on Sunday so we will have the day off which is great! I do want to get that one over with though. Everyone has done it except for us.

The laundry mat is still working on my whites. All the pink came out of everything except for my new white shorts. They are going to try to do whatever treatment they did last time but for longer. It will not ruin my material or anything so I hope it works. I should have brought my tan linen crop jacket. It gets pretty cool here at night and I do not have a cute jacket to wear to go out in. There is a small and expensive shop here at this mall so I try to avoid it...TRY..

So since we have decided to do the ocean course as well we are going to be in the classroom for yet another week before we get back on the boat. We will be on the water after that though and for a pretty long time from what I hear. I can't wait for that. The ocean course is where we learn celestial navigation and stuff like that. We learned about weather patterns yesterday which was fun!!! It's awesome that we are learning more than just sailing. You have to learn how to read the weather in order to be a good skipper. You do not want to catch yourself in a huge storm and not know what to do or where to go. So this way we can plan our trips better when we are captaining our own boat.

Ok well Tyrone is kicking me off the laptop now so I guess we will let you know when we pass our exam on Saturday!

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