Saturday, May 11, 2013


Ty and I have been working on the Howard Davis yacht doing day sails and champagne sunset sails for a couple weeks now. We are getting great experience as its a bigger boat. It's 66 ft and she sails steady and beautifully! We are also stayin there free of charge thanks to our friends;) can't tell you how much we appreciate everything that we've been offered. ;)

We just got a delivery too!!!!! We are crewing on a 48ft leopard catamaran that is going to the med! We leave at the end of the month and deliver it to Nice France! The trip should take just under 2 months so ill turn 30 out at sea!!;) this trip  is so good for us because it counts as a few deliveries in one! Meaning when we get back we will be able to be first mate on the next delivery! The wind and waters  are going to be challenging so the experience we get should put us at first mate status. After a couple of those we can be captain and first mate and we will be the ones taking on a crew member;) and we have been told we are learning from the best skipper they have! We are super stoked to see it all come together now. We have worked so hard to get here and it's finally happening so yeah it's a great feeling! We should be getting the boat on the 20th so ill post pics when it gets here. 
Ty at the helm on the Howard Davis
The Howard Davis
First country music I've heard since we left!!!!
Sunset and dolphins!!

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