Monday, May 27, 2013


Seen a few movies lately since we are still in Cape Town. Our boat should be ready to leave by middle of next week. The weather Should be much better for us next week anyway. Watched Fast and Furious 6 today and omg it was SO good!! Little cheesy with the lines but the action was good and the added last scene was a nice surprise. Can't wait for 7 to come out now! Lol. Watched dead man down which was pretty decent. Good movie if you're bored. Also saw Olympus had fallen which was really good if u like to see Gerard butler kick some A... This is 40 was funny but a little much at some points with all the whining and screaming...21 and up would be a good one to watch at home when you're bored...hangover 3 comes out just in time for us to watch before we leave!!!! Going to see it Friday maybe. 

At the moment Ty n I are trying to decide if we should just buy the domain name It's only $10 a year and is easier for people to look up rather than the whole blog spot thing....more options come with it too but I dunno what do y'all think??

So this new job sounds fun! The whole trip will be very laid back no rushing and just going wherever we want! Going to Tahiti then to bora bora and gonna cruise northern Australia. Then on to southeast china and to the west toward India and up to the Mediterranean. Hittin up all islands along the way and scuba diving and exploring. From the med we come back down the west coast of Africa around the bottom and back up the east coast to Durban eventually. 

Watching sailing videos on YouTube. A quiet night in after our movie;) 

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  1. Guys, I am so envious! Good for you! Sounds epic and exactly what you've been waiting for!