Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boat work

Yay parts came in! We replaced the fresh water pump on port side so now we can use that water tank with no problems and we have great water pressure. We replaced the starboard bilge pump a well. We also have light in the heads now! Fixed the spotlight over the grill....ummm what else....OOh we installed he outdoor speakers! Nice! I think we fixed the leaky hatch above our bed. We did a lot of glueing and caulking yesterday all over the boat. And we got the wood plank that holds up the outboard motor sanded and ready for varnish. We got like a week or two worth of work done in one day between us. Today we go to ace hardware for more electrical connectors and such and the motorcycle shop to look at replacing the steering cable....oh and we r dropping off the generator to see if it an be fixed or if we need to buy a new one. Oh yeah and we vacuumed out all the compartments that had water in em...lots done yesterday! Then we had a nice little BBQ and said farewell to Boz:( he went home last night... 

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