Friday, October 11, 2013

Rainmaker had her party hat on allll night long...

We call the mountain next to us the rainmaker because any kind of moisture that gets caught around it gets dumped on us. We figured yesterday would be  like any other day and just shower for a bit and then stop and get muggy all over again but....yesterday was different. We had a front move through and the rain never stopped, the wind grew stronger and our anchor?...our anchor got slippery! Haha. We had our first experience with dragging anchors last night. First...we were sitting at the McDonald's waiting for a lull in the rain so we could dinghy back to the boats. (We had Dane from Cadence II with us) when Mike from another boat walks in and asks us if we know where the owners of the boat Clara are..(they are the new boat that anchored in front is Cadence and us) we say no why? Oh just because the are dragging and they are setting just between your two boats at the moment....holy crap!! So we said screw the rain we were gonna be drenched anyway...jumped in the dinghy and hauled ass back to the boat. There were 3 other people on board Clara and they were able to get the engine going and get their anchor up and move them to a more secure spot. At this point the wind was only at about 18-22 knots. We watched Wind Witch put out a second anchor which turned out to be a great idea and we should have followed suit. Buuuuuuut we were pretty secure so we left it. We took advantage of the heavy rains and filled out water jugs and our tanks. We also scrubbed everything on deck with soap an water and scrubbed hard till all stains came off. We pulled the paddle board up and scrubbed it since it was slimy and had growth on the bottom already and we secured it to the deck for the night. Then it got dark and the wind kicked up to upper 20's to lower 30's gusting in lower 40's!!! 42 knots was the highest we saw it get at one point! Have u ever been pelted with rain at that high wind!? It hurts! So we noticed we were dragging and the boys from Cadence noticed we were and offered to come help. So we had to pull up our anchor and reset it in these high winds and heavy rain. The boys are smiling from ear to ear having a blast! They are NUTS!!! I was so nervous but only cuz we never been in this situation before just like everything else. So we are getting the anchor hauled up and then the damn steering cable broke!! How many times are we seriously going to have this happen to us!!!! Looked at the chain and it's all rusted so no wonder it broke duh.... And the emergency tiller goes in on the port side...the throttle is on the starboard side...:-/... What genius came up w that one? Anyway Ty was able to steer just using the throttles and the auto pilot so we reset the anchor and got out the emergency anchor. The boys put it in the dinghy and set it out as far as it would go so we have two anchors holding us right now and we held steady all night no slipping at all! Great success!!! Well while that was going on the boat that was in front of Cadence on the starboard side drug back and tried to reset three times with no success and when they finally got that set...Cadence looked like they were dragging a little!! It never ends! One guy behind us just pulled up and took off and said screw this...he was going to motor up and down the Harbor all night but Then realized he could tie up next to a fishing boat at port control or something like that. Cadence got their boat secured with another anchor as well. This was just in the front of the anchorage! The radio was chaotic all night! The boats in the back of the anchorage were hailing each other too with "hey you are dragging" and "can I get some assistance i am dragging and I can't get my engine started!" That guy was the most calm out of everyone surprisingly. So all night until about 1 or 2 am we kept a close eye on things. Then it calmed down an stopped raining and gusting so hard. We were able to get some sleep but only with a handheld GPS clutched in one hand to make sure we weren't moving ... So all in all I think it was a good night! We secured our anchor better, scrubbed the boat really good, (Ty finally got a shower in) heehee just kidding...learned that we need to replace our steering cable before the next passage on to Fiji, filled the water tanks aaaand found the leak in our cabin so we can fix it today hopefully. We did however wake up to another boat calling for help. I guess they were pulling up anchor so they had the engine in gear and didn't realize they had a line overboard. Turned out to be wrapped around the anchor chain so they couldn't get it up all the way but then it went all the way back and got stuck in their prop so they couldn't steer. They had a few people come over immediately to help them out so they are all good now. What a night huh!?!?!?!?!?! ;) 
That's "the rainmaker" in the background aaaand there's my board:)

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