Monday, October 21, 2013


In the cruising world, laundry is something you make a day out of...not something you knock out while you are cleaning the house or making dinner or mowing the lawn....when our laundry bag is full it means there are about 2-3 large washer size loads (as opposed to small washer size loads like in French poly) sheets and towels are constantly needing wash since we are always using them to soak up leaks from hatches or dry off after a crazy upwind dinghy ride. Sheets obviously because we sweat a lot and we like clean sheets....:) so when we do laundry I gather everything up in the bag, grab some powder detergent and put it in a ziplock bag and throw it in my backpack. Then Ty drops me off at the dock and I walk about a quarter of a mile to the laundry mat. 
There is a store next to it that sells food and will also give u change for the machines. It takes $1.25 for washing and $1.75 for drying but usually more for the dryers because they need more than 42 minutes to dry large loads. So I use 3 machines for wash and dry and it takes about an hour and a half just machine time. 

Then we make the hike back to the dinghy dock after folding and using garbage bags to keep the dry clothes dry ....totaling about half the day. While I'm doing this Ty is filling water jugs at the car wash, taking them back to the boat and filling the water tanks. That takes time too. We use the long hose to attach it to the spicket on shore and run it to the jugs in the dinghy. Everything is a process here lol.... Same with the diesel. We can't pull up to a dock here in Am Sam so we Jerry jug it too....getting all this out of the way today and leaving early tomorrow. Bye bye Am Sam hello Tonga where the water is not radioactive ;) 

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