Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cruising the coast

We finally made it out of the Opua marina yesterday! We didn't get to complete our work on the main sheet traveler but we rigged it up so we could sail to Tauranga where we can show Greg what needs to be replaced. It's kind of a big job so we need to get approval from him before we proceed. We left around noon with 20 knots of wind from the southwest. It wasn't working out for us and we were getting nowhere without both engines was a terrible sail. There is a front coming thru an then the wind should shift to south easterly which is better for us. There are soooo many little anchorages along the coast so we just picked one we could easily get to before dark and tucked up in here at Bland Bay. We set out some fishing poles, had a beer and watched some tv before bed. This morning we looked around and it's a beautiful little secluded beach with lush green hills all around us! Water is clear and green. No fish tho...we'll be eating chicken tonight. We have some boat work to do to get cleaned up before Greg gets here so we will knock some of that out while we wait for this front to pass. 

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