Sunday, December 1, 2013


I cannot believe how much noise one mosquito can make in a quiet room. It's loud enough to wake me from a dead sleep! I killed 5 Mosquitos in all this morning around 3am....:( we have rain every afternoon here which is refreshing after a crazy hot day with no breeze but we go to war with these Mosquitos every night because of it. Oh well. We will be outta here soon enough. We are cleaning the boat top to bottom today and tomorrow. We should be gettin our cushions and mattresses back today. We had new upholstery put on that is more waterproof and nicer looking. Ty is gonna get down and clean the bottom of the boat and get all of our little roommates off the boat. You can't enter NZ with a dirty bottom:) we will stock up on a little bit of food and check out of the country Thursday and head out. It should take about 9 days and weather shouldn't be bad. We are timing it so we go in between the lows. 

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  1. Yo!!!!! I just noticed the shades your wearing "Dispatch"- I actually just order me a pair on cyber Monday .. Great minds dress alike!! MIss ya'll Bro!!!!!!