Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

We miss our family but we are having an awesome Christmas Day here in New Zealand! Ty and I came up with a clever little way to still give my pops something for Christmas. He is absolutely obsessed with the movie A Christmas Story! Every year we watch it on Christmas Eve when it's on 24/7. One year we got him a leg lamp like the one in the movie for his desk. One year a tree ornament of ralphie in the bunny pajamas. One year a bobble head of the dad. This year since we are away we decided to recreate the dinner scene from the movie and take pics! We found the only restaurant open...a Chinese restaurant...and had the duck! With the head still on! They didn't sing to us but that's ok I think it's still hilarious! Well merry Christmas everyone!!! We love and miss you all!!!

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