Sunday, April 27, 2014

Well crap...

Our genoa blew out again...this time I can see how though. We sailed out of our anchorage and had a pleasant sail until we rounded the corner tip of the bay  and hello wind!! It had been blowing a steady 20kts or so but we hit a freakin squall and hadn't reefed the genoa enough. I mean we had it reefed plenty! But then 22kts becomes 25 becomes 28 becomes 33 and then yeah 39kts just like that...We turned into wind as we should but just a few seconds too short... We are a couple hours from Opua marina where we will tie up once again and get some repairs done. Oh and the clutch that holds the furling line for the genoa blew up too. Guess sun damage made the plastic weak and it kinda exploded when there was pressure on it. I'm ready for this job to start paying off again so I can remember why I'm doing this. 

We already called the marine store to let him know we need another depth sounder because the new one is not working...again...and that we need a new clutch and we have the sailmaker on standby. He said he can fix it as early as tomorrow. And our mat comes in tomorrow too so the canvas guy is going to come and cut it to our cockpit size tomorrow morning. Maybe we will be outta here Wednesday maybe not who knows...there is still a shred of the genoa flapping way up on one of the shrouds...

We made it in to the marina and Ty docked nicely parallel in a somewhat tight spot between two other cats. :) now wine and a movie. Ah another day in paradise. 

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