Thursday, June 5, 2014


So we are still anchored near the city of Noumea...waiting for our new genoa to come in and our new starter. We are anchored in the middle of 3 bays so we can go to either one every day. On the or side we have the marina where we checked Into the country with the fresh market next to it and also the marine stores for small parts like new headlamps and a new exhaust hose. On the other side we have this little strand of bars and restaurants along with a supermarket and a nice little beach (being French it's a topless beach of course) Both sides offer free wifi at all the restaurants but you must sit and at least buy a beer to stay and use the wifi so I'm thinking at the end of the day it's the same cost as if we had just bought SIM cards and data like we normally do in every country...the wifi is real spotty here though and we just ran into another cruiser who said this is the worst internet he has come across and he's even been to Vanuatu and Solomon Islands where we are going next! 

There's a race happening this weekend that we were invited to participate in but our sail hasn't come in yet and I don't exactly wanna be in a race with duct tape on our sail...(embarrassing!) So we may just hang back here and go dancing for our anniversary this weekend at the strand orrrrr we may go stock up on groceries today and head to the light house....and then on to Isle de Pines until we get word the sail has made it in...

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