Friday, June 20, 2014

Life at anchor...

We really live this place...we keep saying ok we are leaving tomorrow...or in 2 days when the weather is better... Buuuut we are still here! We take a bus into town when we need food or something or just feel like getting's about 420CFP which amounts to about 5 bucks well 10 buck round trip for both of us....the only thing we need is water and I think we can steal some from the resort and fill up some jugs soon...our tanks lasted about a month!! That's a surprise to us since both tanks last about 10 days total before we fixed's been so nice not needing to be on shore for so long! Ty has taken up spear fishing! And I am soooo supportive (from above) lol 
He has not caught anything yet but the fish are very small here in this anchorage...especially after seeing all the fish in the marine reserves... He free dives with our French neighbor in the anchorage. His name is David and he's turned out to be pretty cool!...we've had a couple happy hours together and my French was never as good as his English but his English is gettin better every day..;) so is my little French. I'm learning little words here n there...we had him over for spaghetti night which in my opinion turned out to be (formidable)-which means wonderful or fantastic! Lol Ty asked if I Even added salt...>=[ but in his defense he was diving in cold water all day with a leaky mask so he is soooooo stopped up ....but anyway..... I'm going back to pescatarianism ... Watched a PETA video and it was horrifying so now I have a whole new take on the subject.... Besides... Only eating vegetables and fish is suitable for our's not the end of the world if we can't get to port for beef n chicken n pork or whatever....anyway I am not an activist so eat what you please...that's what I do ;)..... Btw I don't think I will see spinach again till I come home:( that was a good source of protien for me....and there are no Serrano peppers...there are bell peppers but it's not the same when you are trying to make pico .... I've been makin tortillas again...I'll be honest it's for fajitas we've been making! Yeah I've been slipping since I tasted that one steak a month ago... But I just eat what I am craving most of the time...within reason of course...I don't sit around and eat brownies all day. But if I'm craving protien I will have a steak with Ty the night he cooks one....
I watched a you tube video on how to cut your own hair and I tried it;) I bought some good shears at the store and I went at it!!! Lol I'm not completely disappointed with the end result :)
Ok never mind. I don't have a before picture cuz my hair has been out of control for so Long I always wear a pony tail or has been 2 years since Ivan cut my hair last....:)
Here is the after tho...please excuse the no smile n no make up's au natural! Haha
C'mon it could be worse and you know it lol!!!! I'm pretty happy with my first try but I think i can do's a bit choppy in front but wow it feels SOO much better ;) (we will BOTH be getting a real hair cut when we get back home) lol....

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