Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Light House

We decided to take off to the light house for our 6 year anniversary. Designed by the one and only....guy who designed the Eiffel Tower.....haha all the history plaques are in French so we didn't get much on the history of the place but it was still cool!....Turns out the restaurant and bar and everything is owned by a ferry company called Mary D's so they are only open when the ferry is there bringing visitors. There are no bungalows or anything because they only do day trips so we snuck in and took a tour of the lighthouse...had a couple beers and took in a coconut cracking show. The snorkeling is probably the best here with all the larger schools of fish, sea turtles and a couple reef sharks. I finally blew up the paddle board but then the weather went to crap for a while. I think today it clears up for a little bit before another front hits us in 2 days. We'll be sailing back to Noumea today though because our sail is in!!! We have to rent a car and pick it up at the airport Tuesday morning since Monday is a public holiday....there seem to be a lot of those pesky public holidays around the world...
We tucked up into this tiny bay that pretty much only fits 2 boats and we r enjoying a couple of Manta beers at the bar. It was an awesome sail here! Downwind with just a breeze of 12 knots so we flew the chute and we were making about 7.5 knots! It was sunny perfect and smooth so a great end to our anniversary weekend:) thank you to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary we love you all!!!;) 

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