Thursday, June 12, 2014


We rented a car the other day after takin the bus into town. The airport was holding our new genoa since Saturday night! But there was a public holiday so we couldn't get it until Tuesday. So we took advantage of the car am loaded up on more drinking water and wine and groceries. Weather was rainy yesterday but today is gorgeous out! So we put on our wetsuits and jumped in the water and scrubbed both hulls clean. It's not like it was when we were hauled out with all the white barnicals it just had a slimy layer of algae n stuff but if we keep up with cleaning at least once a month we won't have to worry about barnacles anymore. 
Here is the view from the boat. That was early this morning with no wind and that's the only other boat in this tiny anchorage. They have the best spot because there is reef surrounding us completely and they are right smack in the middle. 
We do love this anchorage though because the resort doesn't have many people so we can hoard the wifi!! Yes our 3 ft wifi antenna that is mounted on the boat reaches the resort wifi so we can surf when we need to and get weather updates. 
So we or our sail and now we just need the starter for the starboard engine. It was shipped in from Australia I think and they are trying to tell us it's going to be $1000US!!!! Ty looked up prices and most expensive one was about $200 plus $150 for expedites shipping...from the US....I think they r trying to rip us off.... 
People walking on the reef at low tide. 

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