Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ty hangin out...


Dolphins! Finally!

Dolphins again...

More Dolphin

JJ jumpin in to save our hook that Ty lost...

Dolphins again!

JJ returning with our hook yay! We need that! (to pick up moorings...and hats that fly overboard)

Rudi showing off...really close to our port side...

You can't tell but it was REALLY close...


  1. Why no one jump in the water and swim with the dolphins??

  2. Hey Ty and Jess,
    George called today and told me about yalls link to here, just got done reading and looking at pics, Just gotta say WOW. Looks like you both are having a blast, and learning a cool trade at same time, Ther is so much to learn about boating and navigation, hope you will get to touch on celestial navigation, that would be cool , then you dont even need electronics to tell you where your at in the world.
    Have a blast yall, sorry we didnt get to go sailing back in december , linda was up to her butt in books, but was able to make deans list last semester,with A and Bs.
    Have a blast

    Ben and LInda