Friday, March 15, 2013

2 am

Log: 14 March 2013 0430 hrs
Leaving Mosselbaai heading to The Cape of Storms

It was a cold and windy night and Scotty and I were on watch. Well Scott was at the helm and I was on watch...I was hesitantly biting my nails and counting down the minutes till it was my turn to take the helm. The 50 meter swells were massive and overpowering and the gale force winds were relentless and showed no mercy to my nervous soul. The second hand falls on 2am and Scotty over ecstatically handed over the helm and slipped off to bed as I took over. JJ was on watch with me and Tyrone decided to come up on deck as well. Sleep does not come easy when pounding through waves this tall. Not two minutes later after my hands touched the helm for the first time in 6 hours I felt the Star Spirit lose all steering ability! Twenty meter tentacles rose up on our sides! Starboard first then port side and over the bow!! We were lifted off the ocean and tossed around by this massive prehistoric killer squid from the deepest caverns of the ocean! You know the ones that can eat a full grown blue whale in one swift breath!!! I was thrown onto the starboard lazarette and as the helm slipped out of my hands I felt the steering cable snap all hope draining from my soul. Tyrone and JJ retreat below deck for cover and I thought it was over. Then I heard something else from below deck and I see our salvation! Tyrone and JJ fly up on two thunderbolts of lightning with a spear in one hand and a magical phosphorescent sword in the other!! They bring in the cavalry yelling ALL HANDS ON DECK and then I see Morgan, Scotty, Otto and even Christo awakens from his slumber and they are coming to join the battle of the beast from below!!! Otto was snatched up almost immediately from the companionway with a 20 meter tentacle. We could see the pain and anguish on his face as he was pierced with a razor sharp thorn on the suction cup of the tentacle. He was injected with a paralyzing serum as his body went limp. We fought with all of our power and ability to bring the massive tentacle down on the deck. We freed him from the clutches of the suction cup and quickly brought him below deck. I was able to find an antiserum in the first aid kit and injected him with it just before the damage was irreversible. We have him covered in blanket and are waiting for the fever to break. Back up on deck Spears are flying and swords are slicing through tentacles everywhere. As we slice through the beast you can see the green glow of the magical phosphorescence bursting and twinkling through the pitch black night sky. You can hear the shrieking of the beast and we know we are winning the battle. We fight until every last tentacle has left our beautiful boat and the beast retreats finally. We are Relieved but still aware that we are not out of harms way yet, the beast could attack again at any moment...we assess our damages and drop the main sail and set out the drogues Our steering is lost but our spirits are lifted once we locate the emergency tiller! We have found our salvation and the beast will not win this war!!! Tyrone and JJ attach the tiller with lightning speed so fast you know they must be part human part gods. No man could ever move with such stealth and grace in a situation like this unless they were blessed with a certain power. The gods are smiling upon us. We decide not to push our luck and raise the main sail but we have enough power with the head sail to quickly escape to safer waters. As we look at each other realizing we just narrowly escaped death we all burst into uncontrollable laughter. What else can you do when you know you have just evaded the clutches of certain death?...I think I know why they call it the Cape of Good Hope...You can only hope to make it there alive.

still 7 crew on board.

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