Saturday, March 9, 2013

St Francis

Leaving Cape Town was fun! You can see in the pic below how we had the toe rail in the water! We had some good goose wingin on the way to st Francis when the wind was behind us. We caught a couple of yellow fin tunas and I had the freshest sushi of my life!!! It was better seared in the pan but at least I can say I've had fresh tuna;) JJ caught his hand on the hook pulling in the second one...but hea alive and well now...we pulled into st Francis last night; had to stop be because we pretty much ran out of everything! Water, fuel almost, propane and we needed to do some major cleaning up and fixing odds and ends.

I started on my sextant sights for the examiner also! We had a small window where we were not heeling over like crazy and the swell wasn't 100 meters high...;)
Watched a couple of nice sunrises and a few sunsets. It's so freakin pretty!!!

You can tell we are getting further up because the temp is rising. The boys went for a swim as soon as the wind died enough it was so hot out! I couldn't bring myself to jump in because all I can think of is how they drag fake seals behind the boats on shark week to get great whites to come up! Lol....that's what the boys looked like being dragged but all is well and they felt much much better after the swim. Recorded it on Ottos gopro too!! We have to get one of those! The pic quality is so good and it's perfect underwater as well! AHEM! Gopro for my bday *cough cough*

So we found this amazing French restaurant for breakfast this morning here in the marina! The French toast with caramelized banana and cinnamon was amaziiiiing!!! We are staying here until Monday so that Ty, Irish and myself can get our visas extended. It's Nice to be in port for a couple day honestly. Showers and a clean clean boat and a braai later here at the pub....mmmm...nice.

When we were pulling in it was so windy and the waves were crazy! Had a controlled textbook gybe and our traveler snapped reLeasing our main sail!!! There was a moment of silence and then a lot of sailor talk LOL!!! If it can go wrong it has on this crazy trip! But like my pops said its better for shit to hit the fan while we are in school instead of out there on our own. We learn how to handle everything that can Go wrong. I can tell you this...when it does go wrong it happens in a fraction of a second. Gotta be prepared for anything and everything and have backup plans for all of it! And I learned to prep better before going out for so long lol. It's been quite an experience so far and look forward to next week for our trip up to Durban!

They have a cute shell shop here where I added another anklet to my collection. Also saw a ladybug wind chime that reminded me of Bella! I totally would have gotten it if there was a way to get it to her in one piece!! Also wandered into some place that had a paper mâché shark.

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  1. these are some great action shots. I didn't realize the damn boat was always running sideways!! Just a thought for my little girl... if sharks DID come and EAT the boys in the water, then you would be all alone. Just a thought :) Love you baby girl, looks like you are having a BALL!!