Friday, March 1, 2013


Sorry for not updated sooner but we have been in the classroom all week long. We have been doing the extra course we decided to go for midway through the course. We learned about using sextants and celestial navigation!! There is a lot of math involved so it came very easy to me. I will admit it is time consuming but for the most part it was SO fun and easy for me!!! Really glad we decided to do this course. Tyrone did really well too and only struggled a tiny bit with the math. I was surprised he did so well considering he said he hated math and always found it difficult to do in school. We just finished our written exams and I MADE A 99%!!!! Tyrone made a 95% so we ROCK!!!! lol ..... Now time to celebrate!!!

We will probably do about 3 more weeks worth of passages to gain roughly 1500 miles for our Yachtmaster qualifications. Then we will do a week of prepping for our practical exam with the RYA examiner.

HOLY CRAP WE PASSED!!!!!!!!!!! :P Serious celebration time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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