Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Whale watching

We finally made it out of St Francis!!! We really needed to leave yesterday but the wind was so strong and the swell was too big with breaking waves right at the mouth of the marina. There was concern of being pushed onto the rocks and we decided It was too risky for us to leave...this was definitely not the best marina to be stuck at considering there was a locked door at the end of the dock. Christo is from here so we were able to use his keys but the showers and stuff are only open on the weekend...we hung around to go to town Monday to get our visas extended only find out they can't do that there...extremely disappointing but we are on our way back to Cape Town now so we can get that taken Care of. We decided not to continue to Durban because it would be too much of a fight to get up that way with the wind direction and all. So we are making our way backup Cape Town and should be there hopefully by Friday but probably Saturday realistically. We'll hang out til Monday again and go downtown and finally get our extension. Then back up to Langebaan ...or maybe stop off in Cape Town, go back to langebaan and then head back to Cape Town for another and final mileage trip. Who knows. Plans change so quickly on a boat.

We did go out for a bit Saturday night. I saw an Irish clock for the first time lol it moves backwards....We walked or hiked actually along the beach a few miles which was so pretty!!! There is a walking trail and it leads through brush and along the beach and over some rocks. It was a really nice trail and fun to finally get out and get a little exercise. We hung out at the pool too since the water was a little chilly and rough. Watched the boys do some flips and maybe a face flop or two while I tried to even out these ridiculous tan lines lol!! One day ill be back to normal;) ...

I went up the mast!! For no other reason than I am terrified of heights and agreed to it after a few courage inducing drinks the night before. And they promised not to drop me;)

We did get to see some whales close up tho!!!! It was SO AWESOME!!! This whale just pulled up right next to us!!! They stayed with us for a while but in the distance. There was just one who came up two or three times just a couple meters off our starboard side. I was in so much shock I didn't have time to take a close up photo but I did get a couple in the distance.

Morgan is cooking yet another delicious smelling meal at the moment and I go back on watch in about 30 minutes. We have no wind and we are motor sailing now:(....looks like we won't have wind til tomorrow evening or so...

Oh what I wouldn't give for a mani/pedi/ haircut right now.!!!...(I would settle for a shower;)....)

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