Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We pulled into Cape Town with every intention of getting our visas extended..and of course fixing the steering cable on the boat, and the head and the bicolor light. We did get everythin fixed but were not able to get our visas done. We showed up pretty early. Waited two hours for them to finally tell us what all we needed. We need our passports, bank statement, means of exiting the country and two copies of all that stuff. We had to leave and go to the post office to get copies made and print bank statements. We go back and she tells us no I need a copy of the stamped page in ur passport. Not the photo page. We also told we will be exiting by boat once we finish class and showed her the letter from the school but she was not impressed or amused...we are still in class and don't have a delivery scheduled yet so we cannot produce boat papers or anything like that. Instead of wasting money on a plane ticket that we will never use...we decided to take a little road trip!;) we are going to Namibia for a couple days and then just re-enter the country;) so we get to see Namibia on a road trip with JJ and he gets to surf so fun for everyone;)

We celebrated our first holiday outside the US! St pattys day was a blast at the waterfront!! Not real sure we ever went to an Irish bar tho. I think they were all Scottish. Lol. It was still a blast!!

Right now we have NO wind ... Again... So we are motoring our way back to Mykonos from Cape Town. New cable is working out perfectly!

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